A professional company in Houston is dedicated to producing quality products and services for their Aerospace and Energy clients. With 62+ years of experience in design, manufacturing, construction, maintenance and field service, They offers confidence and value to their customers worldwide. This compnay now has 20 consecutive years as a quality supplier awardee of the U.S. Government.

This Red Pup client provides space flight components, aeroengine test cells, support equipment & systems, energy equipment, engineering, manufacturing, field services, procurement, inspection & training, and finance & administration.. if you know what all of those mean, you are a rocket scientist. This site has so much content, the challenge was to make it digestible and accessible to the user, and easy to manage for the admin. Much of the structure of the site’s pages is templated, yet dynamically generated. This permits the admin to quickly and easily build pages and link to products that are related in order to keep visitors browsing through the site.

Additionally, all of this great content is completely available on all devices, great and small, and even adjusts beautifully for those government employees that are potentially viewing the site with an older, smaller monitor.

Red Pup has a very talented team that can help you with your website needs! I highly recommend them and I cannot say enough about their patience and ability to adapt to learning the needs of our company. We were blown away by the new website Red Pup had designed for us. We continue to receive compliments from our customers, and they continue to remark on how easy it is to use our website on both PC/Mobile devices. Red Pup helped us go from old/outdated to current/innovative, and taught us how to use the platforms so we could continue to keep our website current. We will definitely continue to work with Red Pup in the future!”
Caroline B
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

A local church and growing community.

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