Jim Jacobus is a “sales guy” … always has been and always will be! When done properly he believes it is among the most honorable professions on the planet.

Jim Jacobus is a consultant and speaker and works with major household brands like Starbucks, FedEx, Mercedes Benz, and Nasa, just to name-drop a few. The challenge in a ‘speaker’ site to grab the visitors attention long enough to earn a contact. With Jim, a phone call is the most successful method for closing deals, so we pushed his direct number across the entire site. Additionally, Jim has years worth of amazing content making it hard to share in a digestible format. We created flip cards to bring interest and draw attention to the content and draw the visitor through the site. While there is a lot of content on the site, each visitor will take a different path and still end up calling Jim.

Finding a web guy these days that has the right combination of technical expertise, and eye for how your site looks and who gets the importance of prompt, friendly service is almost impossible. That said, I am constantly referring Rob and his team at Red Pup Media to friends and business associates because he truly does embody all three and then some!
Thanks Rob … you guys are the best!Jim Jacobus

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